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Today there are hundreds or thousands of different variations of cannabis strains available online. You have strains that are specialized for medical purposes (it helps them reduce pain) but basically you can divide them into two types of strains. Indica & Sativa!

The difference between the two is mostly that Indica has a short flowering (55 days and shorter) time and is grown indoors and sativa strains are typical outdoor strains with a long flowering time, around 90 days and longer. (a tip to remind you to know the difference? Indica = Indoor — Starts both with IN..)

The Indoor strains have a much higher THC level then the Sativa strains in general. Sativa plants are mellow, layback and gives you a clean high. Indoor or Indica strains are much heavier on the brain and preferred mostly by medical patients and the younger crowd.

Here the most popular Indica strain (Indoor strain) by user reviews. Also voted as one of the best for medical patients.

Marijuana Seeds Special: “White Widow”

– Special of the month –

The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland.

  • The plants are white with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves.
  • A very soft smoke and great high. Very potent.

White Widow is a very unique strain with a good strong high, excellent taste very light. Beautiful buds with white crystals (looks like it is sugared) with reddish orange hairs.

Highly Recommended by Top Growers!

White Widow

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